Vehicle Infotainment VDash

Automotive Infotainment, an emerging technology in the automobile industry specially in cars. The word infotainment means information and entertainment which accurately conveys the need of an infotainment system.VST-0507 for automotive infotainment based on the i.MX-6 series of automotive applications processors. A high performance, market-focused development system, the VST-0507 for automotive infotainment offers a solid foundation for next-generation automotive multimedia platform designs.

Such systems are often controlled either by a mouse-style system with a controller mounted between the two front seats, or through a large central PCAP touchscreen. It is an integration of entertainment, multimedia, connectivity and navigation in a module.In this module we are integrating GPS, Bluetooth and LTE thus making an ordinary car into a smart one.

This is the kind of system which provides both entertainment and driver assistance. The driver assistance includes car parking, to provide navigation using GPS with a connectivity inside the car.The proposed system consistsnumber of individual modules which have both hardware and software.All the desired functionalities are carried out by microprocessors in which all the entire programs takes place.

Key Features
  • Quad core ARM based processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Expandable memory upto 128 GB
  • Gyro Accelerometer sensors
  • Dedicated power management system
  • 4G LTE module
  • 10.1/5.5 inch capacitive touch display with MIPI
  • 58 mm thermal printer to print the payment slip
  • Buit-in GPS
  • Android OS
  • 16 GB ROM
  • ESIM module
  • 30W Audio jack
  • Dedicated power management system
  • 5 Mega Pixel Dual cameras with MIPI
CPU Board
  • I.MX6 Quad and i.MX6 Dual Lite cab be configured as an i.MX6 Dual and i.MX6 solo processor respectively for lower CPU load applications
  • SD card slot
  • EMMC flash socket
  • HDMI display jack
  • 1.5Gb/s SATA interface (i.MX 6 Quad only)
  • 2GB DRAM running upto 533 Mhz(DDR3 1033), 64bit bus :i.MX 6 Quad CPU card
  • High-Speed USB(OTG) interface,pin configurable as OTG,host or slave
  • 1.5Gb/s SATA interface (i.MX 6 Quad only)
  • UART interface
  • I.MX6 Quad processor running upto 1GHz
  • Capable of running standalone on common 12 V power supply
Base Board
  • LVDS LCD output
  • SPDIF receive interface
  • I2C module connector
  • De-seralizer input for video/camera input
  • Triple video DAC with analog video inputs for input
  • USB host connector
  • FM Radio
  • GPS module (UART)
  • Low and high speed CAN interfaces
  • Bluetooth module connector(I2S +UART)
  • SD card slot( Wi-Fi modules or data cards) 12V DC power supply (powers base board and CPU card when connector)
  • HD audio video playback: USB, SD-Card,CD and MTP devices.
  • Blu-Ray connectivity
  • Dual screen support: Independent video sharing and Joint play.
  • User interface and HMI
  • Bluetooth hands -free call support using high quality speech codes.
  • USB cameras