Mobility Advertisement

When technological advancements have opened new avenues to reach customers, advertisers are continuously looking for innovative ways to reach out. Advertisers want to cater to their audience wherever they go, be it even when they are 'on the move'.

VST is a smart travelling solution acting as platform connecting customers with vehicle owners, be it cabs, auto, travelers, trucks, special vehicles etc. Its unique mobile application also allows tracking, navigation and getting best prices directly from vehicle owners. VST provide programmed tablet computers in each vehicle and advertisement. By using this application advertisers can easily cater their audience and passengers get information even when they are on the move.

Advertisement panel/Ad panel is used for monitoring advertisement running in the VST smart cabs/rickshaws. It provides the advertisers with full detailed running report of the advertisement running in different VST smart vehicles at different locations. It also gives the daily running report of the vehicles which includes the Vehicle No, Total Ads, Total Time, Avg Time/Day, Total Display, Avg Display/Day, Location etc.

Benefits of VST Mobility Advertisement
  • Unlimited updates
  • Fast advertisement
  • Reach a larger audience
  • Generate positive response
  • Provide wider area coverage within a limited budget
  • Helps get your money to deliver more - 500 VST smart cabs/rickshaws per month can deliver much more impact than one static Billboard for a month.