Automatic Fleet Management System

VST integrated automated fare collection and automatic Fleet management systems in a single device for the first time in the world. The real time automatic Fleet management system turned out to be an indispensable product for public transport operators in time. The real time data received from satellite link is transmitted to the main operation center at specified time intervals on this system.

Vehicle location, its speed and mileage covered can be identified as a result of such data. Tracking of vehicles can be done simultaneously. Hence, driver violations and faults are detected easily and passenger complaints are considerably minimized.

  • Tracks real-time positioning and the route of a vehicle on a digital or vectorial map
  • Works independent of all operating systems due to a web application. Operators can follow up their vehicles with their special admin name and password wherever there is an internet connection.
  • Detects vehicles departing itinerary.
  • Designates the time period required to go between two stops and transmits reports to the system about drivers exceeding the required time.
  • Sends messages to one or to all vehicles from the dispatching center, if need be
  • Avoids vehicles to be used outside set purposes thus reducing fuel expenditures.
  • Enforces drivers to abide peed and time limit rules and as a collateral effect, helps decrease the number of accidents.
  • In case of an accident or failure, allows for determining the position of the vehicle and the nearest one to the site and therefore, makes possible to send an alternative vehicle for the stranded passengers.
  • Informs the dispatching center about accidents, fires, failures, ambulance needs, terror cases etc. with emergency alarms so that preventive measures shall be taken.
  • Facilitates analysis of vehicle and driver efficiency.
  • Helps to control the validity of information sent by drivers to the operation center.
  • Enables to observe vehicle movements relevant to past days if need be.
VST supplies the operators with extensive reports covering these particularities on a daily basis.
The system can generate reports such as the following:
  • Complete vehicle report
  • Mileage report
  • Speed report
  • Alarm report
  • Traffic density report
  • Bus stop density report
  • Itinerary rules report
  • Vehicle departure report
  • Vehicle arrival report
  • Bus journey report
  • Garage arrival/departure report
  • Journey planning report
  • Planning and realization report