J1939 Stack

J1939 stack is a software solution developed to support seamless communication and diagnostic services within the in-vehicle network (based on CAN bus protocol). J1939 protocol based software stack is designed for commercial vehicle applications. J1939 software stack is complaint to Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1939 standard.

Data link + Transport layer (J1939/21) and Network Management layer (J1939/81) are pre-tested and pre-packaged as per the SAE J1939 standard. These layers are ‘re-usable’ for any automotive ECU and/or automotive tooling applications

  • Transmission and reception of J1939 messages
  • Handling of the J1939 transport protocols for large data (TP & BAM)
  • Support of the “address claiming” process for determination of the node address
  • Cyclic transmission and reception of messages
  • ISO-TP Client and Server support included
  • Multi-Line support for gateways or devices with multiple J1939 channels (as option)
J1939 Stack Highlights
  • ANSI-C compatible SAE J1939 source code stack
  • Available for many CPU types
  • Comfortable user interface
  • In great extent configurable and scalable
  • J1939 Device Designer included
End-user Application analysis
  • Requirement gathering and analysis workshops with our automotive domain experts
  • J1939 integration strategy – project road-map for J1939/73 and J1939/71 customizations, Can device driver and J1939 boat loader development, testing and maintenance