Boot loader

The VST Flash Boot loader gives you a universal and compact solution for reprogramming ECUs quickly, efficiently and securely. It conforms to the specifications of automotive OEMs and is continually coordinated with them. The Flash Boot loader permits programming on single or multi-processor platforms. It includes the option for programming different memory types connected either internally or externally. Due to its low memory requirement, the Boot loader is also well suited for micro controllers that have limited resources

  • Efficient and reliable reprogramming of ECUs – without having to remove the ECU
  • Low memory requirement in the ECU
  • Available for most OEMs and many microcontroller platforms
  • Proven flash solution based on many years of use in numerous development and production projects
Flash Boot loader Development and Integration Services Hardware platform consulting for boot loader development project
  • Requirement gathering and application analysis workshops with our automotive experts
  • ECU Reprogramming tools development and end-of-line testing support
  • Flash Boot loader software development for 8 bits, 16 bits and 32 bits micro controller platform as per the project requirements
Flash Boot loader Development and Integration Services ECU Reprogramming tools development and end-of-line testing support
  • Design and development of customized reprogramming tool (PC/Web based)
  • Expertise in development of GUI-based and Command line-based (for End-of-Line testing) ECU reprogramming tool
  • Support for tools configuration and testing of standard ECU reprogramming tools like PCAN, Vector, ValueCAN3 and more In-vehicle communication and application layer services
  • Flash boot loader development support for CAN, LIN, UART, SPI, I2C communication protocols
  • Support for boot loader development based on UDS, J1939, KWP 2000, J1587 protocols
  • Custom boot loader development for any proprietary communication protocol as per the customer’s requirement