Android/Linux Porting

With versatile experience and deep understanding working with Linux and Android technologies, VST Mobility Solutions offers world-class services in this segment to accelerate your product innovation. A leading supplier of embedded systems development services with multi-domain expertise, VST offers high-quality Linux and Android porting services to customer hardware platforms.

Android OS is a mix of software stacks structured in a layered architecture - Application, Framework, Middleware, Services, libraries, HAL and kernel. Android is a middleware component runs on top of virtual machine, loosely coupled with HAL and kernel. This makes android porting easier for ODM’s to focus only on kernel and HAL for OS upgrade or OTA. We have specifically enabled Android for products in automotive domain.

Porting of Android or Linux in Embedded Product: Advantages
  • Apache v2.0 licensed. This means these are open-source software and hence one ends-up saving licensing cost
  • Support and maintenance services for proprietary OS, device drivers and kernels may not be available free of cost.
  • Porting Android or Linux operating systems provides flexibility to the project. Your developers can integrate customized and open-source software packages and components.
  • Linux or Android porting, more often than not, results in reduced time-to-market. This is due to the availability of open-source software packages that may need minimum customizations.
Android/Linux Software Porting Services for Embedded Solution Development
  • End-to-end development and support for Boot loader, device driver, kernel development and root-file system integrations for Android or Linux porting.
  • Expertise in customization and optimization of device drivers for boot loader and kernel
  • Testing services: Expertise in open-source and proprietary tools for functional testing and sanity testing of each module. Expertise in writing customized test frameworks.
  • System Profiling: Performance testing and optimization, memory optimization using static analysis of memory usage (trace-cmd, memInfo, TOP, nice, perf , valgrind, omapconf (TI Specific) and other benchmarking tools). Boot-time optimization for Android and Linux Operating Systems
  • Firmware and Software Update: development and support for Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) and/or Over the Air (OTA) updates for micro-controllers and Android/Linux OS respectively.
Android Porting Expertise
  • Support for Android BSP porting to custom hardware platform and up-gradation to latest Android OS versions
  • Support for Android CTS (Compatibility Test Suite) and Application development as per the CTS compliance
  • Customization of wireless Bluetooth Stacks like Bluez / Bluedroid
Linux Porting Expertise
  • Support for Linux BSP porting to custom hardware platform and up-gradation to latest Linux OS versions
  • Expertise in YOCTO buildroot framework
  • Customization, development and integration with new software stacks like OBD-II
  • Expertise in Jenkins, CI and CB
  • Integration of Flash memories Like NAND and NOR